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Updated Sony A7 IV Specifications : 30MP, 4K60p, ISO 204,800

Let’s take a look at what features have shaped the latest rumors for the Sony A7 IV specifications. In this article, you can find the updated Sony A7 IV specifications as well as expected price information.

The latest news about the Sony a7 IV, which is expected to be announced in 2021, claims that the highly anticipated successor of the all-purpose Sony a7 III ( Amazon | B&H Photo Video) will have a brand new sensor with faster readings and at least 30MP. Meanwhile, the A7 IV is said to be capable of recording 4K 60p video, which is definitely great for video business and vloggers. On the other hand, the electronic viewfinder would be 0.5-inch OLED with 3.69million dots.

As far as pricing is concerned, the selling price of the Sony A7 IV is said to be around $2,499. What we know so far about the Sony a7 IV specifications are as follows. Continue reading…

Camera and Lens Predictions for 2021

Chris and Jordan at DPReviewTV published a video about their camera and lens predictions for 2021. You can find the details of what to expect from each camera company in 2021.

Buying a camera isn’t just about the body itself. You’re buying into a whole system of lenses and accessories specific to a manufacturer. If you’re going to purchase a new mirrorless or DLR camera in 2021 this video will help you make the decision of your move. Here is the Camera and Lens Predictions for 2021 video. Continue reading…

Sony a9 III 8K Camera Rumored to be Announced in Early 2021

Sony will allegedly announce a new Sony a9 III 8K camera in early 2021. Although the official announcement date has not yet been announced, this top-of-the-line full-frame mirrorless camera is expected to appear in the first quarter of 2021.

Along with the Sony A9 III, the company also registered another model that will probably be the highly-anticipated Sony A7 IV model. As a result in 2021 Sony is very likely to launch two full-frame mirrorless cameras and two lenses which could be FE 35mm F1.4 GM and FE 16mm F1.8 GM. See the rumored Sony a9 III 8K Camera specs so far : Continue reading…

Upcoming Sony Cameras and Lenses in 2021

Here are the upcoming Sony Cameras and Lenses in 2021. The company is planning to announce several new cameras for E and FE-mount and optics especially GM series models.

The two models on the horizon are the Sony a7 IV and Sony a9 III. The Sony a9 III 8K mirrorless camera is expected to be announced in the first quarter of 2021 (CES show on January 11?), while the highly anticipated Sony a7 IV is rumored to be announced in the second or third quarter of 2021. In addition, Sony is very likely to launch two full-frame mirrorless lenses: FE 35mm F1.4 GM and FE 16mm F1.8 GM.

So here are the upcoming Sony Cameras and Lenses in 2021. Continue reading…

Sony Registered Two New Cameras : a7 IV and a9 III?

Sony registered two new cameras (1VY002 and 1VY003) that have passed FCC certification. These two new cameras could be the previously rumored Sony a7 IV and Sony a9 III models..

Both Sony cameras are equipped with Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n/ac) and Bluetooth 5. Below are what we know so far about these two new Sony cameras (Sony a7 IV and a9 III).

The upcoming Sony Products in 2021:

Continue reading…

More Details About Sony A7 IV Specs

Here are more details about the Sony A7 IV specs list. The highly-anticipated Sony a7 IV is said to arrive in Q2 of 2021 and expected to feature 30MP sensor and 4K video recording upto 60frames per second.

So Sony will drop the 24MP sensor and upgrade to 30MP with mproved EVF.  The price of the Sony A7 IV is rumored to be at around 2499$.

For more Sony A7 IV Camera Rumors, let’s take a look at the major specifications .

Here are the latest Sony A7 IV specs : Continue reading…

Sony 8K Mirrorless Camera Rumored to Arrive in Q1 of 2021

Sony is rumored to announce a flagship 8K Mirrorless Camera to compete with the upcoming Canon EOS-R1 model.

This will be a new, top of the line and very expensive pro mirrorless camera with 8K video recording. The full frame 8K E-mount mirrorless camera is expected to arrive in early 2021 just before the Tokyo Olympics 2021 in Summer. Name is not clear yet but the Sony A9x is the talks.

According to latest rumors, the US price for this camera will be $5,999. Below are rumored specs of Sony 8K Flagship E-mount mirrorless camera: Continue reading…

Sony a7 IV & New Flagship Camera Rumored for 2021

Besides the newly announced Sony a7S III and Sony a7CSony is planning to announce two new full frame E-mount mirrorless cameras in 2021.

One of the rumored mode is the highly=anticipated Sony a7 IV (announcement probably in Q3 of 2021), the other could be a new flagship full frame E-mount mirrorless camera sitting above the current Sony a9 II (announcement probably in Q1 of 2021).

Check out the rumored specifications of these two upcoming Sony mirrorless cameras. Continue reading…

New Sony Full Frame Mirrorless Camera Coming in June, Sony a7S III or a7 IV?

Sony will have a major product announcement in June 2020. It is expected that the company is going to announce a new full frame E-mount mirrorless camera and several new E-mount lenses on this event.

What exactly will it be, though? Many people are hoping for a video camera: the Sony a7S III.  On the other hand, the Sony a7 III is already two years old.

According to rumor mill what we know so far, this camera will NOT be the Sony a7 IV. In addition, the previously rumored the Sony a7S III mirrorless camera will be announced in June 2020 and it is expected to be an 8K 60P 10bit 422 low light powerhouse. Continue reading…