Canon Unveils PowerShot Pick Concept Camera

Canon unveils AI-powered PowerShot PICK concept camera. The experimental PowerShot PICK camera can analyze a scene, identify people, track their faces and then, using artificial intelligence, determine the ideal moment to capture a photo.

Canon has launched a campaign on the Japanese crowdfunding site Makuake for an AI-powered camera, the PowerShot PICK. The campaign has proven to be highly successful, attracting nearly ¥100,000,000 in support. The goal was ¥1,000,000.

The PowerShot PICK uses a 1/2.3-inch 12MP CMOS image sensor. It comes with a 19-57mm equivalent zoom lens with a maximum aperture of F2.8. The PICK includes built-in image stabilization. The PICK pans 170° in both directions and can tilt 110°. The PICK records to a microSD card and weighs a mere 170g. See details below : Continue reading “Canon Unveils PowerShot Pick Concept Camera”

Canon PowerShot Pick to be Announced Soon

Canon will soon announce a new AI-powered PowerShot camera, and now it seems that this new camera will be called the “Canon PowerShot Pick“.

DC Watch reported that the pre-sale of the new concept camera “Canon PowerShot PICK” will begin via the Japanese crowdfunding site Makuake on January 29, 2021. Specification and price informations are scheduled to be released on January 29th. This is Canon’s third concept camera, following the carabiner-style “iNSPIiC REC” and the telescope-type camera “PowerShot ZOOM”.

  • The PowerShot PICK is a new concept camera that realizes a new way to enjoy photography and video shooting with the optical technology and video processing technology that Canon has cultivated.
  • PowerShot PICK itself automatically finds a person’s face, notices changes in the image reflected on the lens, and automatically determines “now is the photo opportunity” and shoots.

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Canon PowerShot AI Specifications Leaked, Coming Soon

According to latest rumor, Canon will soon announce a new Canon PowerShot AI. Here are the leaked specifications of the upcoming Canon PowerShot AI compact camera.

This new PowerShot camera with AI is targetted at many uses, putting it on your desk for webcam use, placing one in a corner to act as a baby monitor or pet camera, or functioning as a discreet security camera are all viable uses. I would even consider it useful for parties or weddings to serve as part of a digital guestbook setup or photo booth. There are also voice commands and manual shooting modes. Continue reading “Canon PowerShot AI Specifications Leaked, Coming Soon”