Nikon Z9 competitor Canon EOS R3 Pro Appeared

Nikon Z9 competitor Canon EOS R3 Pro appeared; here are the first details. Nikon Z9, which will be the best and ambitious player in the mirrorless camera market of Nikon, then EOS R3 Pro appeared on Canon side.

Nikon Z9 made a tremendous impression as the new mirrorless camera that the company positioned at the highest-level. The Z9, which will face bodies such as the D series on the DSLR side and the A9 on the Sony side, adopts the “battery grip” integrated structure as in the company’s D series. Now we have the surprise mirrorless Canon EOS R3 Pro, which adopts the similar body structure. The EOS R3 body, which is expected to be officially announced soon, is only visible from the front for now. Of course, the full frame sensor mirrorless camera with interchangeable lenses, EOS R3 Pro, has an interesting body texture that will bring high grip. Not surprisingly, the body with many programmable buttons appeals directly to the professional segment. In this respect, both the Nikon Z9 and Canon EOS R3 Pro models are expected to be quite expensive. However, prices are not yet known. Continue reading “Nikon Z9 competitor Canon EOS R3 Pro Appeared”

Some Crazy Canon EOS R1 Features Revealed

A new list of features has been revealed for the Canon EOS R1. Since it has been published in many different places on the Internet, we present it below, but you should not pay much attention to it.

These Canon EOS R1 features, which are far from reality, are likely to have been fabrimade upated and put forward. Because we can only imagine such a perfect and crazy camera. Anyway, let’s present the details for EOS R1 features without further ado. Continue reading “Some Crazy Canon EOS R1 Features Revealed”

Camera Predictions 2021 : Canon EOS R1, Sony a7 IV, Panasonic GH6 and More

Here is a good video on the camera predictions 2021. This is not a rumor post but an insight about what cameras we might see getting released in 2021.

The camera prediction 2021 video published by Dan Watson. The 15 minutes video talks about the rumored cameras that might get released in 2021. The cameras Dan discusses are the Canon EOS R1, Sony a7 IV, Panasonic GH6, and more “crazy awesome cameras we should see announced in 2021″. So here is video the 2021 Camera Predictions // Canon R1, Sony A7IV, Panasonic GH6 & More Continue reading “Camera Predictions 2021 : Canon EOS R1, Sony a7 IV, Panasonic GH6 and More”

Canon EOS-R1 Rumored to Feature Global Shutter with Quad-Pixel AF

Canon EOS R1 is rumored to be in development and the rumor mill claims that it will be the new flagship RF mount mirrorless camera. Latest reports indicates that this mirrorless version of the EOS-1D X Mark III, the Canon EOS R1 will feature Global Shutter with Quad-Pixel AF. 

Dual Pixel AF technology would improve autofocus accuracy no matter what orientation the subject or the camera is in, while a global shutter sensor would effectively remove rolling shutter when shooting video or stills in the electronic shutter mode. Continue reading “Canon EOS-R1 Rumored to Feature Global Shutter with Quad-Pixel AF”

Camera and Lens Predictions for 2021

Chris and Jordan at DPReviewTV published a video about their camera and lens predictions for 2021. You can find the details of what to expect from each camera company in 2021.

Buying a camera isn’t just about the body itself. You’re buying into a whole system of lenses and accessories specific to a manufacturer. If you’re going to purchase a new mirrorless or DLR camera in 2021 this video will help you make the decision of your move. Here is the Camera and Lens Predictions for 2021 video. Continue reading “Camera and Lens Predictions for 2021”

Complete List of Canon Cameras Expected in 2021

In this article, we will talk about Canon cameras, which are expected to be announced in 2021. We think that Canon cameras that will be released in 2021 will mainly focus on mirrorless models. Now let’s briefly touch on the major Canon announcements in 2020 before going into what these new Canon products might be.

2020 has been a very productive year for Canon. Despite the Covid-19 process, the company has again consolidated its weight in the industry with the EOS R5 and EOS R6 full-frame mirrorless camera models.

We think the Canon full frame mirrorless system will become even more important, especially with Canon RF mount lenses, which are expected to expand this year. Then let’s take a look at the list of Canon cameras that are expected to be announced in 2021. Continue reading “Complete List of Canon Cameras Expected in 2021”

Rumors : Canon EOS R1 Camera to Feature 21MP Sensor

As you may remember, we started talking about the EOS R1 mirrorless camera that Canon has been working on recently. Canon EOS R1 will be the RF mount mirrorless version of the Canon EOS-1D X Mark III. It will be powerhorse MILC for the Tokyo Olympics and is currently under development which will be aimed at professional sports and wildlife photographers.

According to latest rumors, the company has developed a new 21MP image sensor with the following specifications. It has been said that this sensor will probably be featured on the Canon EOS R1: Continue reading “Rumors : Canon EOS R1 Camera to Feature 21MP Sensor”

Canon EOS-R1 and Two New Big RF Telephoto Lenses Coming in 2021

Here is a quick update on the Canon EOS-R1 and the new big RF Telephoto prime lenses.  According to recent reports along with the upcoming Canon EOS-R1 (the RF mount mirorless version of DSLR camera), Canon is also planning to announce at least two new big telephoto prime lenses in 2021. Official announcement is probably in the second half of 2021, just before the Tokyo Olympics 2021 in Summer.

One of the new lenses would be Canon RF 300mm f/2.8L IS USM Lens, the other is still unknown at the time of writing, is expected to be the rumored Canon RF 500mm f/4L IS USM lens.

In addition, Canon is working on a high-resolution 90MP Canon EOS R5S and a video-oriented Canon EOS R5C (might be around 11.25MP) mirrorless cameras.

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Canon EOS-R1 (Mirrorless Version of 1D X Mark III) Rumored for 2021

Here are the first rumors about the possible Canon EOS-R1 model which is expected to be a mirrorless version of the DSLR camera.

The flagship Canon EOS-R1 is expected to arrive in the second half of 2021, just before the Tokyo Olympics 2021 in Summer. As Sony is rumored to announce a new flagship/high-end mirrorless body in 2021,in 2021, this will be Canon’s answer with the EOS-R1. Continue reading “Canon EOS-R1 (Mirrorless Version of 1D X Mark III) Rumored for 2021”