Lexar announces new Diamond Series CFexpress Type B cards with 1,900MB/s read speeds

Lexar announces CFExpress Type-B Card DIAMOND Series and CFexpress Type-A Card GOLD Series.

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Meyer Optik Görlitz Trioplan 100mm f/2.8 II Lens Released for Nikon Z and Canon RF

The Meyer Optik Görlitz Trioplan 100mm f/2.8 II lens is now available also for Nikon Z and Canon RF mounts.

The new Meyer Optik Görlitz lenses are already available for preorder for different DSLR and mirrorless mounts.

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Three new Voigtlander lenses for Nikon Z & one for Fujifilm X

Cosina announces three new Voigtlander lenses for Nikon Z, one for Fujifilm X and an E-mount close-focus adapter. Two of these lenses are for full-frame mirrorless and two of them are for APS-C. The release date and pricing information is not yet available.

  • Voigtlander APO-LANTHAR 50mm f/2 Asph for Z-mount (full frame)
  • Voigtlander APO-LANTHAR 35mm f/2 Asph for Z-mount (full frame)
  • Voigtlander NOKTON D 23mm f/1.2 Asph for Z-mount (APS-C)

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New KamLan 55mm f/1.4 Lens Announced for Sony E, Nikon Z, Canon R

New KamLan 55mm f/1.4 lens announced for Sony E, Nikon Z, and Canon R mirrorless systems. Official announcements made during the 2022 CP+ show.

The manual focus lens is constructed of eight elements in six groups, uses a 13-blade aperture diaphragm, has an aperture range of F1.4 through F16 and has a minimum focusing distance of 30cm (11.8”). The lens is set for a March 2022 release, but no pricing information has been made available at this time. You can purchase KamLan lenses from Adorama. Continue reading “New KamLan 55mm f/1.4 Lens Announced for Sony E, Nikon Z, Canon R”

Skylum Luminar Neo AI Photo Editor Released

Skylum officially released Luminar Neo AI-driven photo editor. The Luminar engine was built from the ground up – it uses artificial intelligence to analyze photos and perform AI-driven editing:

  • RelightAI builds a precise 3D Depth Map of the 2D image to provide quick, targeted control of scene lighting, allowing artists to:
    • Independently adjusting lighting and color warmth for far and near objects across the scene. 
    • Help easily fix portraits where the foreground subject is underexposed. 
  • RelightAI isolates problem areas for correction, leaving the rest of the image untouched. Combine RelightAI with other scene aware tools and photographers can precisely adjust the lighting of any photo.
  • Remove Dust Spots – Automatically identify and seamlessly remove small artifacts, like dust spots, from every photo with the help of AI.
  • Remove Power Lines – Uses AI to automatically identify and effortlessly remove power lines from landscape photographs to create a pristine image free from clutter.
  • Layers – Combine different images into unique compositions and include new elements from built-in overlays and object libraries.
  • Presets – Instant style changes designed by professional photographers of every stripe. Or, build and save your own unique looks for reuse on future shoots.
  • Performance Gains* – Luminar Neo is significantly faster than LuminarAI for complex photo editing tasks. Driven by the new Luminar engine, artists can now enjoy the following performance gains. 

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New Meyer-Optik Gorlitz Trioplan 35mm f/2.8 II Announced

Meyer-Optik Gorlitz Trioplan 35mm f/2.8 II:
B&H Photo / Adorama

Bad Kreuznach – 27th January 2022 – with the Trioplan 35 f2.8 II Meyer Optik Görlitz releases the third focal length of the famous Trioplan series. As of today – the sixth lens from Meyer Optik Görlitz can be ordered in the usual Meyer Optik mount versions.

“We are very pleased to now be able to introduce the Trioplan 35 II and are starting very positively into a new and hopefully more normal, year,” said Timo Heinze, Managing Director OPC Optics. “After we started with our new manufactory in Hamburg last quarter, the Trioplan 35 II is the first lens that will be manufactured there from the beginning.”

Popular Trioplan imaging language in the wide-angle range
The Trioplan 35 f2.8 II brings the famous Trioplan bokeh, also known as soap bubble bokeh, to the wide-angle range. This allows amazing effects to be created, especially at open aperture, giving your own images an individual artistic style and recognition value. Of course, when stopped down, the Trioplan 35 f2.8 II can also create quieter, particularly atmospheric images, flattering the main subject with a very softly drawn blur plane that almost looks painted. The compact 35mm focal length is of course perfect for use in reportage and street photography. At the same time, the short minimum object distance of 0.2 meters, despite the short focal length, allows it to be used in nature and portrait photography. Thus, the Trioplan 35 f2.8 II offers a high degree of versatility and a great deal of creative freedom.

High optical & mechanical quality for that Meyer is known for
The consistent implementation of the newly developed mechanical design, which all current lenses from Meyer Optik Görlitz have received, has of course also been continued in for new Trioplan 35 f2.8 II. The mechanical components from German manufacturers, the use of the best optical glass, which receives a specially developed coating and is manufactured in-house, the assembly by hand in our own factory and the individual testing of each lens, ensure the high quality & durability that distinguishes the lenses from Meyer Optik Görlitz.

Available for order now
Given the current circumstances (Corona, shortage of raw materials, etc.) and to be able to supply the desired lenses asap to as many customers as possible, the new Trioplan 35 II lenses are finalized based on the incoming orders. This means: The lenses are prepared as far as possible already and will finally be assembled to a definite version (e.g. Nikon F, Canon EF, Sony E, etc.) when a concrete order is placed. Although this results in a slightly longer delivery time (approx. three weeks from the order date), over/under production is avoided and thus demand can be fulfilled more precisely.

The Trioplan 35 II can be ordered now, for the first time also as a native version for Nikon Z and Canon RF, at https://www.meyer-optik-goerlitz.com/en/lenses/trioplan-35-f2.8-ii.

What follows?
Two true classics, the Biotar 58 f1.5 II and the Biotar 75 f1.5 II, are currently in series production and will expand the portfolio in this spring. Likewise, the other existing lenses will be successively expanded to include variants for Nikon Z and Canon RF. In parallel, new lenses are in planning / development and will be released later this year.

Viltrox AF 50mm f/1.8 Z Lens Announced, Price $379

Viltrox officially announced the new AF 50mm f/1.8 Lens for Nikon Z-mount cameras. The US price of the lens is $379 and you can pre-order this lens at B&HPhoto.

Viltrox AF 50mm f/1.8 Z Lens Specifications

  • Type:AF 50mm F1.8
  • Lens construction: 11elements in 10groups
  • Focal length: f=50mm
  • Stop size: 1/3EV (22 stops)
  • Max. aperture: F1.8
  • Focus range: Approx. 55cm – ∞
  • External dimensions: ø.70mmx88.2mm
  • Weight (excluding caps and hoods): Approx.350 g
  • Filter size: ø55mm

$100 off on Viltrox AF 50mm f/1.8 Z Lens: $369 at B&H($379).

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MOZA Unveils AirCross 3 – the Foldable and Transformable Gimbal

MOZA has just added a new member to their lightweight and compact gimbal lineup, the AirCross 3, a lighter and more compact gimbal for DSLR and mirrorless cameras. With the gimbal’s new foldable design, the AirCross 3 is easier to travel with, set up and use.

Foldable and Transformable

The MOZA Aircross 3 is essentially four gimbals in one. Combining Classic Mode, Sling Mode, Dual-Handle Mode, and the Grip Extension, the AirCross 3’s upright one-handed design continues to pack a punch in the filmmaking world. Classic Mode keeps your camera stable for upright pan, pan-tilt follow shots while Sling Mode does the same for those must-have low angled shots. There is Dual-Handle mode for filmmakers who prefer to use a single vertical handle with one hand and a horizontal handle with the other. This allows greater control for capturing those cinematic moments. You can also seamlessly attach the AirCross 3 to the MOZA Slypod using the Grip Extension. Just attach the gimbal to the Slypod with the tripod thread underneath the pan motor and turn your AirCross3 into a slider. Continue reading “MOZA Unveils AirCross 3 – the Foldable and Transformable Gimbal”

Mirfak Audio Launches TU10, A Stunning Microphone for Streaming and Gaming

Gudsen-backed Mirfak Audio, a microphone solution provider, has unveiled an easy-to-use, clear- sounding USB desktop microphone with dynamic lighting effects for streamers, gamers, content creators, and those pursuing superb detail and pristine sound quality.

  • Microphone
  • Polar Pattern
  • Power Supply
  • Frequency Range
    50-20KHz(mic), 20Hz-20KHz (headphone)
  • Sample Rate
    96KHz/24Bit(mic), 48KHz/16Bit (headphone)
  • Maximum Input Sound Level
  • Sensibility
  • Output Interfaces
  • Operating Systems Available
    Win7/Win8/Win10/MAC OS
  • Headphone Amplifier
  • Impedance
  • Output Power
  • Total Harmonic Distortion
  • Frequency Range
  • Signal to Noise Ratio
  • Sample Rate

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GoPro Hero 10 Black Review : 16 Things to Know

DC Rainmaker has completed the GoPro Hero 10 Black in-depth review. The  GoPro HERO10 Black Review  covers all the newness of GoPro’s latest action camera, feature by feature, both the good and the bad.

Powered by the revolutionary new GP2 processor, GoPro HERO 10 Black (AmazonB&HAdorama) shoots 5.3K video with double the frame rate, 4K120, and 2.7K240 video, 23MP photos, enhanced low-light performance and game-changing HyperSmooth 4.0 video stabilization in all modes. On top of all that, GoPro HERO10 is cloud connected – so the moment you charge it, your footage is automatically uploaded to the cloud. Continue reading “GoPro Hero 10 Black Review : 16 Things to Know”