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Best Screen Protectors for Sony a7R IV, a7S III & A7C

If you are looking for the best screen protectors for Sony a7R IV, a7S III & A7C ? In this article  you can find our top recommendations of screen protectors for Sony a7R IV, a7S III & A7C mirrorless cameras.

Speaking of the screen, the Sony a7R IV, a7S III & A7C all has a rear 3.0″ tilting LCD touchscreen that tilts upward 107° and downward 41° to benefit working from high and low angles. We should mention that the touchscreen can get scratched relatively easily if you are not extremely careful, so it is a smart idea to get some protection for it. In order to keep your camera LCD screen safe from dust, UV rays, scratches, and knocks, here we list the top recommended screen protectors for Sony a7R IV, a7S III & A7C mirrorless camera. But first some advices on how to install screen protectors.

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Canon and Sony Dominates the Japanese Market Sales

BCN Awards has released their camera and lens market share report for 2020 in Japan. BCN Ranking collects real sales data from approximately 40% of the Japanese retailers – this is not a worldwide report.

Also CAPA Camera announced the top-selling camera rankings for the second half of December 2020. The Canon EOS R5 wins the NO. 1 best selling camera, Sony a7C with 28-60mm lens kit was the second on the list while the Sony a7S III coming in third place.

Among the top 10, Sony has 5 models and Canon has 3. Both companies dominated the top 8 models and showed a good fight in that.

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Comparison of High Resolution Mirrorless Cameras

Dpreview TV has released a very useful video review. In the video, you can simply find the answer to the question of which one is the best for you among high resolution mirrorless cameras. Cameras subject to comparison are Canon EOS R5, Sony a7R IV, Nikon Z7 II and Panasonic S1R.

DPReview TV compared the Canon EOS R5, Sony a7R IV, Nikon Z7 II and Panasonic S1R to answer that question, including ergonomics, displays, autofocus, video, battery life, image quality and price. So enough talking you can watch the comparison of high resolution mirrorless cameras below : Continue reading…

Canon EOS R5 vs Sony a7R IV Comparison for Wildlife Photography

Let’s ask the question together. How can we compare the Canon EOS R5 to the Sony A7R III or A7R IV for wildlife photography?

Chelsea made a test for wildlife setups of varying prices to show which camera and lens combination is the best choice. Will the Sony’s compact 200-600mm f/5.6-6.3 measure up to Canon’s new 800mm f/11? Will there be a difference between Canon and Sony’s 600mm f/4 lenses? Most importantly, how well do the Canon R5‘s features and the Sony a7R IV features work while taking wildlife photos? Check it out : Continue reading…

Save up to $800 on Sony a7R IV, a7R III, a7R II Camera Body and Bundles

Sony Black Friday Deals for 2020 are now live  and you can save up to $800 on Sony a7R IV, a7R III, a7R II camera body and bundles.

This is part of the ultimate guide to Black Friday 2020. These special offers runs through the end of 2020. Check out the the Black Friday 2020 pages at AmazonB&H PhotoAdorama and eBay.

Skylum launched the new Luminar 4 with AI Sky enhancer tool. For a limited time you get this package with a $10 discount using coupon code “CAMERANEWS” and extra Bonuses.
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Sony Camera Deals for 2020 Amazon Prime Day

Here are the best Sony mirrorless & compact camera deals for the 2020 Amazon Prime Day.

Amazon Prime Day 2020 officially starts at midnight PST on October 13, and runs for 48 hours through to 11:59 pm on October 14.

Sony just released their mirrorless & compact camera deals, sales, discounts and rebates for Amazon Prime Day. You can get up to $1,000 off on Sony mirrorless cameras, up to $100 off on Sony compact cameras and up to $300 off on Sony E-mount lenses.

Note: Prime Day deals are only available for Amazon Prime members. So you have to first sign up now to get a 30-day free trial. Here are the 2020 Amazon Prime Day Sony Camera Deals enjoy fast free shipping and discounts.

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New Sony Rebates: Up to $300 off on Sony a7R IV, a7R III, a7 III, a6600, a6400

Here are the new Sony instant rebates. Sony USA released the new instant rebates on selected Sony mirrorless cameras for June 2020. And you can save up to $300 on Sony a7R IVa7R IIIa7 IIIa6600a6400. This is also the first time that the Sony a7R IV camera body has got $300 off.

Below are the detailed savings and direct links to the major US stores.

$300 off on Sony a7R IV body: $3,198 at AmazonB&HAdorama.

$300 off on Sony a7R III body: $2,498 at AmazonB&HAdorama.

$200 off on Sony a7 III body: $1,798 at AmazonB&HAdorama.

$200 off on Sony a6600 body: $1,198 at AmazonB&HAdorama.

$100 off on Sony a6400 body: $798 at AmazonB&HAdorama.

$100 off on Sony a6400 with 16-50mm Lens: $898 at AmazonB&HAdorama.

Read more: Best Lenses for Sony a7R IV and Best Lenses for Sony a6600.