Photo RAW version 2022.5 Now Available for Download

ON1 officially released Photo RAW version 2022.5. This is a major update that includes several new features and enhancements including the full integration of ON1 Resize AI into Photo RAW and support for the latest R5C, GH6, OM-1, M11, X-T30 II, and Z9 cameras:

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Nikon Updates Its NX Field Remote Shooting System

Nikon has released an updated version of the NX Field remote shooting system for professional imaging agencies. The software update will further support the capabilities of the Nikon Z9 Nikon FX-format/full-frame mirrorless camera.

The Ver 1.2.0 update will enable Z9 users to easily detect nine subject types. This covers a range of subjects including people, dogs, cats, birds, bicycles, motorcycles, cars, trains, and airplanes enabling more accurate subject capture, even via remote operation. In addition, the update supports the Z9’s High-Speed Frame Capture+ feature.

For more information, visit the Nikon website.

Nikon Z9 is available for sale and currently available for $5,496.95 at AmazonB&HAdorama.

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Skylum Luminar Neo AI Photo Editor Released

Skylum officially released Luminar Neo AI-driven photo editor. The Luminar engine was built from the ground up – it uses artificial intelligence to analyze photos and perform AI-driven editing:

  • RelightAI builds a precise 3D Depth Map of the 2D image to provide quick, targeted control of scene lighting, allowing artists to:
    • Independently adjusting lighting and color warmth for far and near objects across the scene. 
    • Help easily fix portraits where the foreground subject is underexposed. 
  • RelightAI isolates problem areas for correction, leaving the rest of the image untouched. Combine RelightAI with other scene aware tools and photographers can precisely adjust the lighting of any photo.
  • Remove Dust Spots – Automatically identify and seamlessly remove small artifacts, like dust spots, from every photo with the help of AI.
  • Remove Power Lines – Uses AI to automatically identify and effortlessly remove power lines from landscape photographs to create a pristine image free from clutter.
  • Layers – Combine different images into unique compositions and include new elements from built-in overlays and object libraries.
  • Presets – Instant style changes designed by professional photographers of every stripe. Or, build and save your own unique looks for reuse on future shoots.
  • Performance Gains* – Luminar Neo is significantly faster than LuminarAI for complex photo editing tasks. Driven by the new Luminar engine, artists can now enjoy the following performance gains. 

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Sony Alpha 1 RAW Now Supported by Adobe Camera Raw 13.2 & Capture One 21 Version 14.1.0

Adobe Camera Raw 13.2 and Capture One 21 Version 14.1.0 adds Sony Alpha 1 RAW support. Adobe Camera Raw 13.2  also adds Sony FE 35mm F1.4 GM lens profile support.

Because of these amazing features Sony a1 will be one of the best selling mirrorless cameras in 2021. You can check updates about the Sony a1 stock status. The price of the high-end full frame mirrorless camera is $6,499 and available at AmazonB&HAdorama. Continue reading “Sony Alpha 1 RAW Now Supported by Adobe Camera Raw 13.2 & Capture One 21 Version 14.1.0”

Nikon Releases NX Studio Software That Combines ViewNX-i and Capture NX-D

Nikon has announced the release of NX Studio image. The video editing/viewing software combines the best bits of Nikon’s View NX-i and Capture NX-D software applications in a single piece of software.

The newly released Nikon NX Studio is essentially a replacement for both applications, offering almost every feature of the pair in a single program. Capture NX-D and ViewNX-i will remain available for download, but are unlikely to be updated to add support for new cameras or compatibility with future operating system updates.

Nikon digital camera users can download the software, free of charge, from today and those who currently use View NX-i and Capture NX-D are advised to switch to NX Studio as View NX-i and Capture NX-D will no longer be updated so they’re compatible with the latest OS and new functions won’t be added either. Continue reading “Nikon Releases NX Studio Software That Combines ViewNX-i and Capture NX-D”

Nikon ViewNX-i vs. Adobe Camera Raw Comparison

Dpreview published an in-depth Nikon ViewNX-i vs. Adobe Camera Raw comparison.

They compared the Adobe Camera Raw 12.4 alongside Adobe Bridge 10.1.1 versus Nikon ViewNX-i 1.4.3 and Capture NX-D 1.6.3, all of which are their current versions at the moment.

Skylum launched the new Luminar 4 with AI Sky enhancer tool. For a limited time you get this package with a $10 discount using coupon code “CAMERANEWS” and extra Bonuses.

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10 Things Photoshop Beginners Have to Know

Terry White is an Adobe Photoshop expert and in this video he answers the 10 things that Photoshop beginners have to know. If you’re new to Photoshop I’m sure you’ll find it helpful. The list includes: Continue reading “10 Things Photoshop Beginners Have to Know”

New Skylum Luminar AI with a Special Early Bird Pricing

Skylum has announced Luminar AI, the latest iteration of its photo editing software. If you want you can preorder LuninarAI at the special price of $69 (limited time).

Skylum’s LuminarAI is first image editor fully powered by artificial Intelligence. With LuminarAIcreating striking photos becomes surprisingly easy and fun. It automates the most common manual tasks and simplifies complexity so that you have more time to create an engaging story.

LuminarA​I goes further than previous versions in integrating machine learning into the photo editing process. Features include Body AI and Face AI for refining portraits. Iris AI lets you fine tune subjects’ eyes, while Skin AI removes imperfections.

Landscape photographers have Sky Enhancer and Atmosphere AI tools to add details to skies. Or Sky AI will enable you to completely replace your sky. Other tools such as Golden Hour and Sunrays allow you to enhance the sunlight in your scenes.

Luminar AI will be available as a stand-alone application and plug-in for macOS and Windows.

If you want you can preorder LuninarAI at the special price of $69 (limited time).  Learn more about LuminarAI here.

What’s New in Adobe Lightroom Classic 8.3 (May 2019)

Adobe released Lightroom Classic version 8.3 (May 2019) updates with new Texture Control, Defringe, Batch editing and Flat-Field Correction. What’s new in Adobe Lightroom Classic 8.3 (May 2019) version with  new cameras as well as the new lenses.

The May releases to the Adobe Photography lineup include a number of significant updates that help you become a better photographer, easily collaborate, and take your editing to the next level. Download the latest Lightroom updates today in the iOS App Store, the Google Play Store, and using the Creative Cloud desktop app.

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ON1 Photo RAW 2019.5 Coming in Mid-May

New ON1 Photo RAW 2019.5 is coming in mid-May is a free update to all owners of Photo RAW 2019.You can also get a 30-day trial version).

ON1 Photo RAW 2019 is a game changer. If you are looking for a Lightroom alternative with powerful Photoshop features you’ve found the right place. ON1 Photo RAW 2019 will give you the features photographers use the most from the Lightroom and Photoshop worlds in a single application. Free Lightroom Presets from ON1, Inc. Continue reading “ON1 Photo RAW 2019.5 Coming in Mid-May”