More NIKKOR Z f/1.2 Prime Lenses Coming in 2020

Nikon is rumored to announce more NIKKOR Z-mount lenses with f/1.2 bright aperture. According to latest rumors from NR, Nikon is planning to launch more f/1.2 high-end prime lenses for Nikon Z-mount mirrorless cameras.

Currently, there is only one f/1.2 prime lens in the Nikon Z-mount lens roadmap and it is the NIKKOR Z 50mm f/1.2 S Lens.

Canon has already released RF 50mm f/1.2L and RF 85mm f/1.2L prime lenses for Canon full frame mirrorless cameras. We hope the same for Nikon and wish to see they also release NIKKOR Z 85mm f/1.2 S lens in near future.

via: NR

Irix 45mm f/1.4 Full-Frame Manual Focus DSLR Lens

The Irix 45mm f/1.4 is a new fast standard prime lens for Canon, Nikon and Pentax full-frame DSLR cameras.

The Irix 45mm f/1.4 lens is a compelling alternative for all fans of 35-50mm focal lengths, thus allowing a more creative approach to photography.

Whether you’re a professional photographer looking for the right lens for the job or an amateur looking to fill a gap in your focal lengths – the Irix 45mm F/1.4 is the lens for you! Continue reading “Irix 45mm f/1.4 Full-Frame Manual Focus DSLR Lens”

New Tokina Lenses 2020 Line-up Announced

Tokina reveals updated 2020 lens roadmap with new lenses for DSLR, mirrorless cameras.

For their 70th anniversary, Tokina officially announce Tokina new lens line-up which will be released in 2020 year. This new Tokina lenses 2020 line-up was originally planned to be presented at the biggest annual Asian Camera and Imaging photo show CP+2020 (Yokohama, Japan). Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, the show was canceled.

New Tokina APS-C DSLR Lens for Canon and Nikon: Continue reading “New Tokina Lenses 2020 Line-up Announced”

Capture One Pro 20 Adds Support for Fujifilm X-T4, X100V, Nikon D780, D3500 and More

Capture One has released an update (Capture One version 20.0.3) that adds support for seven new camera bodies from Fujifilm, Nikon, Canon and Olympus as well as six new lenses from Sony, Nikon and Pentax.

The Capture One 20 update also brings new performance enahncements and fixes some reported bugs. Continue reading “Capture One Pro 20 Adds Support for Fujifilm X-T4, X100V, Nikon D780, D3500 and More”

Metabones launches Nikon F to Fuji G-mount (GFX) Expander 1.26x

Metabones has announced the Nikon G Lens to Fuji G-mount (GFX) Expander 1.26x, which allows users to use Nikon F mount lenses on Fujifilm GFX bodies. The Metabones Nikon F to GFX mount adapter will be priced at $519.

The mount adapter is compatible with Nikon F-mount lenses with mechanical aperture lever, but can also be used DX lenses; however, Metabones warns this will cause severe vignetting in most conditions. See the press text of Metabones Introduces Nikon G Lens to Fuji G-mount (GFX) Expander 1.26x below. Continue reading “Metabones launches Nikon F to Fuji G-mount (GFX) Expander 1.26x”

Update on Tokina Compatibility Notice for Nikon Z6, Z7 and Z50 Cameras

Tokina issued another update on the compatibility of Tokina F-mount lenses with Nikon Z 6, Nikon Z 7 and Nikon Z 50 mirrorless cameras.

Previously, Tokina has published a compatibility noticed for Nikon Z-series owners, regarding a few issues the company came across while ‘thoroughly’ testing the functionality of its F-mount lenses when used on Z-series cameras with Nikon’s FTZ Mount Adapter. Continue reading “Update on Tokina Compatibility Notice for Nikon Z6, Z7 and Z50 Cameras”

Pre-Order : Nikon D6 Camera and NIKKOR Z 20mm f/1.8 S, Z 24-200mm Lenses

Nikon D6 camera, NIKKOR Z 20mm f/1.8 S lens, NIKKOR Z 24-200mm f/4-6.3 VR lens is now available for pre-order at major stores in US.

Nikon D6 vs Nikon D5 – Comparison Continue reading “Pre-Order : Nikon D6 Camera and NIKKOR Z 20mm f/1.8 S, Z 24-200mm Lenses”

Nikon Unveils NIKKOR Z 20mm f/1.8 S & NIKKOR Z 24-200mm f/4-6.3 Lenses

Today the Nikon D6 DSLR camera (B&H Photo/Adorama/Amazon), Nikon unveiled the NIKKOR Z 20mm f/1.8 S and NIKKOR Z 24-200mm lenses  with built-in stabilization.

Both Nikon Z-mount lenses are in the company’s roadmap. There will be a total of 23 Z-mount mirrorless lenses by 2021.

The US price for NIKKOR Z 20mm f/1.8 S lens is $1,049.95 at B&HPhoto/Adorama/Amazon., will be released in March, 2020. The US price NIKKOR Z 24-200mm f/4-6.3 lens is $899.95 at B&HPhoto/Adorama/Amazon, will be released in April, 2020.

Sample photos: 20mm f/1.8 | 24-200mm f/4-6.3 Continue reading “Nikon Unveils NIKKOR Z 20mm f/1.8 S & NIKKOR Z 24-200mm f/4-6.3 Lenses”

Best Memory Cards for Nikon D780

Best memory cards for Nikon D780 ! Looking for the best SD memory cards for Nikon D780? Here are our top recommended & fastest SD cards for Nikon D780 DSLR camera

The Nikon D780 DSLR camera has dual SD memory card slots that both support the UHS-II standard for fast read/write speeds. The Nikon D780 is a DSLR with a 24 Megapixel full-frame sensor with UHD 4K video recording up to 30 fps as well as full HD 1080p video recording at up to 120p, along with integrated N-Log Gamma and HLG settings for refined color control. The Nikon D780 (AmazonB&HAdorama) is capable of fast 7 fps burst shooting with the viewfinder or incredible 12 fps in live view.

For the Nikon D780 users, we suggest that picking two UHS-II SD cards from the list below, so that you can take full advantage of the ultra high read speeds and write speeds of UHS-II cards. So just take a look and choose the one you like!

Which memory cards will work best in the Nikon D780? Here are some practical recommendations for SDHC and SDXC cards that work well in the D780. Continue reading “Best Memory Cards for Nikon D780”

Best Lenses for Nikon D780

Best Lenses for Nikon D780 DSLR camera. Looking for recommended lenses for your Nikon D780? Here are the recommended Nikon D780 lenses.

The Nikon D780 is an enthusiast-level full-frame DSLR that inherits features from the company’s professional D5 and D810 models. It features a 24MP BSI-CMOS sensor paired with an Expeed 6 processor, with a top (expanded) ISO of 204,800. It can shoot bursts at 7 fps with continuous autofocus.

When shooting through the viewfinder there’s a 51-point AF system, similar to the one on its predecessor (the D780), but with improved algorithms borrowed from the D5. In live view the camera uses a hybrid (contrast + phase detection) system for dramatically faster focusing performance than on previous models. The D780 can capture UHD 4K video at 30p and high speed Full HD video at 120p.

Recommended lenses for Nikon D780 are categorized below as standard prime lenses such as 50mm, 85mm, 90mm, 105mm portrait, standard zoom lenses, wide-angle prime lenses, wide-angle zoom lenses, telephoto zoom lenses and macro lenses. You can choose the one you need. Continue reading “Best Lenses for Nikon D780”