10 Things Photoshop Beginners Have to Know

Terry White is an Adobe Photoshop expert and in this video he answers the 10 things that Photoshop beginners have to know. If you’re new to Photoshop I’m sure you’ll find it helpful. The list includes:

  1. How to touch up a photo; how to make people look better
  2. Layers and adjustment layers; what are they and how to use them
  3. Working with layer masks
  4. How to crop a photo
  5. Adjusting the exposure and using the Adobe Camera Raw filter
  6. Removing something from an image
  7. Move or copy objects in a photo
  8. How to put a person from one photo onto a new background (or putting two photos together)
  9. How to add text
  10. Saving photos and saving formats that are shareable

This is probably the most impressive video that teaches Photoshop. Hope you find it useful.

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