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Camera and Lens Predictions for 2021

Chris and Jordan at DPReviewTV published a video about their camera and lens predictions for 2021. You can find the details of what to expect from each camera company in 2021.

Buying a camera isn’t just about the body itself. You’re buying into a whole system of lenses and accessories specific to a manufacturer. If you’re going to purchase a new mirrorless or DLR camera in 2021 this video will help you make the decision of your move. Here is the Camera and Lens Predictions for 2021 video. Continue reading…

Nikon Rumored to Release Two New DSLRs in 2021

According to a recent reports, Nikon plans to release two new DSLRs in 2021 along with several new F-mount lenses.

Apparently, Nikon has stated that it has not stopped the development of DSLRs because the company is not quite ready to give up on the F-mount. We also know and see that the majority of research and development moves are focused on mirrorless. Especially in 2020 we’ve met several Nikon Z cameras and lenses. So what could be these two Nikon DSLRs that are expected to be announced in 2021. Continue reading…

Nikon D580 and Nikon D880 Rumored to Arrive in 2021

According to latest rumors Nikon is planning to introduce two new DSLR cameras in 2021. These products are Nikon D580 and Nikon D880.

Youtuber TonyNorthup  published a new video related to Nikon rumors. According to the video Nikon may announce Nikon D580 (successor of Nikon D500) and Nikon D880 (D850 successor) in 2021. Check out the expected specifications of Nikon D580 and Nikon D880. Continue reading…