Confirmed : New Nikon Flagship 8K Mirrorless Camera Coming in 2021

In a recent interview with DPReview; Keiji Oishi, Department Manager of Nikon’s Imaging Business Unit, UX Planning Department has confirmed that new nikon flagship 8K mirrorless camera is coming later this year. This new nikon flagship 8K mirrorless camera will feature a high-resolution stacked sensor.

Although the product name is not officially stated, we can say that it will be called the Nikon Z1 or Nikon Z9, which has been frequently rumored recently.

So if you are asking, what will be Nikon’s answer to the $6,500 Sony a1 camera or Canon’s possible flagship EOS R1 in the year 2021? You can find the answer widely in this interview.

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Here are some excerpts :

A flagship Nikon Z-series mirrorless camera can be expected within the year, and is being developed with the goal of surpassing the D6. It will respond to the advanced needs of professionals. The upcoming model will debut a newly developed high-resolution stacked CMOS sensor. While this camera will be a major technological leap for still photographers of a wide variety of genres, our engineers are considering powerful video features such as 8K that respond to the needs of all kinds of content creators and professionals.

The next goal is to develop lenses with a focus on more compactness and affordability, [and] make our lenses more accessible to more people.

We welcome the increasing demand for video we have been seeing recently

Full interview at DPReview.

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