AstrHori AH-M1 Light Meter Officially Announced

AstrHori just announced a unique new light meter, the AstrHori AH-M1 Light Meter, that you can find on Amazon US, Amazon UK and Amazon DE.

  • Display screen: 0.6 6 “O L E D
  • Battery type: built-in 120mAh lithium battery
  • Battery Life: Approximately 12 hours metered with continuous operation.
  • Charging is USB – – Type – C interface, use 5 V power supply to charge, about 40 minutes to fully charge
  • Metering parameters: about 30 ° average photometry, single photometry time ≤ 0.5 s.
  • Metering range: ( I S O 1 0 0 ) E V 1 ~ E V 2 2
  • Aperture adjustment range: F 1 ~ F 3 2
  • Shutter time adjustment range: 3 2 s ~ 1 / 8 0 0 0 s
  • Adjustment range: I S O 6 4 0 0 ~ I S O 5
  • Exposure compensation range: + 3 E V ~ – 3 E V
  • Metering Mode Average Metering: Weight Approx. 48 g
  • Size: 38*26*14mm

Key features of the AH-M1 External Camera Exposure Light Meter include:

1. High-precision light metering: AH-M1 camera light meter adopts advanced photoelectric sensor technology, which can realize high-precision light metering and exposure control.

2. Convenient and practical: AH-M1 camera light meter is small in size, only 0.048KG, easy to carry, users can use it anytime and anywhere.

3. Real-time light metering: AH-M1 light meter can continuously change the value in real time according to the change of light. (About 1/4 second to refresh the light metering), with A (aperture priority mode) and T (shutter priority mode) files, two light metering modes, when the sensitivity and shutter speed are known, the light metering the table shows the aperture value for normal exposure, or the shutter value for normal exposure when the sensitivity and aperture value are known, to ensure that it meets the shooting requirements. General mechanical or wave wheel light meters do not have this function, you need to press the light metering button again.

4. Ultra-long battery life: Built-in 120mAh lithium battery, continuous metering is about 12 hours.

5. Wider data range: ISO/F value/shutter range uniform 1/3 file change, more regular data changes, more convenient to use.

6. The position of the cold shoe opening is adjustable: the position of the cold shoe is adjustable, and all kinds of old cameras can be used. Use the included L-shaped hexagon wrench to adjust the position of the cold shoe to the left/right/center/upside down.

7. Metal material: the whole shell is made of aluminum alloy, the appearance is simple and elegant, the color is beautiful, the hand feels more silky, the grade is high and comfortable, the wear resistance is stronger, the strength is high, the heat dissipation is fast, the protection of components is good, and the metal surface is cleaned more conveniently .

For more product details and purchase information, please visit the official website of AstrHori (

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