Canon EOS R Pro, New EOS R Bodies & Compact RF Lenses in the Works

According to the interview with the Canon senior engineers, the Canon EOS R PRO full frame mirrorless camera and RF lenses in development.

The highlights from the Canon interview covers EOS R PRO camera, new and different type of EOS R bodies and upcoming compact RF lenses.

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  • New RF mount opens up whole new possibilities in lens design and expand the boundary of image capture.
  • New RF mount has become a really big contribution to designing this really compact telephoto zoom lens RF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM lens.
  • The fact of DS technology is that it’s a coating technology, so it’s relatively easy to apply this technology to a range of different lenses.
  • The best match would be the 35mm F1.8 and we believe the 24-240mm lensthat we announced will be a good companion to the EOS RP body.
  • Canon is working on a lot of really compact RF lenses in the future.
  • Canon is working on a lot of different types of cameras.
  • Canon is working on a combination of optical and body stabilization, working together to give enhanced IS (Also called All Optical IS)
  • Canon is serious about this mount, serious about this system.
  • Please don’t forget the pro-level EOS R camera that you’re expecting is on the way.

Read full interview at dpreview.

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