Canon G1X Mark IV Camera to be Announced in late 2021

You are often asked about the Canon G1X Mark IV premium compact camera. That’s why we would like to convey the latest updates about Canon G1X Mark IV camera.

The Canon G1X Mark IV camera announcement was previously scheduled towards the end of 2020. However, it was delayed, especially due to the very active mirrorless camera market and the Covid-19 pandemic. We are waiting for the Canon G1X Mark IV camera announcement in 2021.

Here are the updated specs of the upcoming Canon G1X Mark IV premium digital compact camera :

According to latest rumors we will probably see a new Canon G1X Mark IV camera in Q4 of 2021. Initial set of Canon G1X Mark IV specifications shows that a 32.5 MP DPAF CMOS Sensor coming. Along with the new sensor the camera will bring a brand new fast lens with Digic 8 image processor.

Canon G1X Mark IV Rumored Specs

  1. 32.5MP DPAF CMOS Sensor
  2. Digic 8 Image processor
  3. 4k 30p with improved Dual IS Mode (Digital + Optical)
  4. considerably fast AF compared to Canon G1X Mark III
  5. Joystick controller on the rear side of the camera
  6. Apps for live youtube streaming and cloud image transfer

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4 thoughts on “Canon G1X Mark IV Camera to be Announced in late 2021”

  1. Looking forward to this. Ideally a bigger battery and s lens that maintains f2.8 throughout the range. I would accept a bigger body to accommodate this.

  2. They could make the lens as fast as Panasonic LX100 II (considering the equivalence in sensor sizes), then it would be the perfect camera. Right now, even having a smaller sensor, Panasonic LX100 II can shoot better in low light and blur the background more.

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