Canon G1X Mark IV Rumored Specs

Here are the rumored specs of the upcoming Canon G1X Mark IV premium digital compact camera.

According to latest rumors we will probably see a new Canon G1X Mark IV camera in Q4 of 2020. Initial set of Canon G1X Mark IV specifications shows that a 32.5 MP DPAF CMOS Sensor coming. Along with the new sensor the camera will bring a brand new fast lens with Digic 8 image processor.

Canon G1X Mark IV Rumored Specs

  1. 32.5MP DPAF CMOS Sensor
  2. Digic 8 Image processor
  3. 4k 30p with improved Dual IS Mode (Digital + Optical)
  4. considerably fast AF compared to Canon G1X Mark III

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11 thoughts on “Canon G1X Mark IV Rumored Specs”

  1. I wish they’d hurry up. Wanting to replace my G16 but want to move up to 4K HDR video (hopefully the Mark IV has Dolby HDR…it’s in phones now). Would also be nice to move up from APS-C, which is common in compact cameras now, to a full frame sensor or something in between (APS-H?) as a compromise.

  2. Oh! and more than 3x zoom, which is even smaller than my G16 (5x). Hopefully they’ll move to 5x zoom so it can at least match my G16. Also if they could figure out better bokeh from such a small camera/lens somehow (speaking out of ignorance) that would be great.

  3. I’m waiting too.
    The zoom should be 8x (24-200mm) like Sony RX100 VII or at least 24-120mm like G5 X Mark II
    And USB 3 with charging…

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