Confirmed: The New Sony APS-C E-Mount Camera Coming Soon

It is now confirmed that the new Sony APS-C format E-mount camera coming soon. The official announcement is expected to happen next week!

Just like the Sony ZV-1 replaced the RX100 series, this new Sony APS-C E-mount camera will not be named as a5xxx or a6xxx. It will use a new naming structure and will be the first APS-C E-mount camera of a new line. In addition, this Sony APS-C E-mount camera is not really a High End model, but a compact VLOGGER E-mount camera. More details after the break!

Rumored Sony APS-C E-Mount Camera Specs

Here are the rumored specs of the upcoming Sony APS-C format E-mount camera:

  • 24MP sensor
  • It’s not really mean as a High End model…but more as a compact VLOGGER E-mount camera
  • Will be branded as “Vlogger” camera
  • Basically, an a7c with an aps-c sensor
  • a more compact A5xxx alike shape
  • Announcement in late May
  • same EVF, LCD resolution
  • same tilt screen
  • same new menus
  • only minor tweaks to a7c body
  • BUT improved IBIS using smaller APS-C sensor
  • New sensor
  • same FPS as a6600 but now pushing larger files
  • improved low-light performance
  • reduced rolling shutter
  • video specs may be close to a7c
  • price similar to a7c

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