DJI Mavic Mini 2 Rumored to Feature 4K Video with 12MP Sensor Camera

The Mark II version of DJI Mavic Mini drone is rumored to feature 4K video with a 12MP sensor camera. We expect the DJI Mavic Mini 2 drone to be announced in late 2020.

From OsitaLV:

Rumor says the Mavic mini 2 has 4K video shooting with a 12MP sensor.

One more thing, seems like the FPV drone will be postponed and it may not be able to arrive in time.

The Mavic Mini is the smallest and lightest drone DJI has made to date, but despite its compact size, DJI has managed to pack quite a few features found in its more robust drones, such as the Mavic Air and Mavic Pro.

The US price is $399, and it is now available at B&HAdoramaAmazon.

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