First Canon EOS RP Camera Reviews

Northlight Images and Dpreview published an in-depth review of the Canon EOS RP full frame mirrorless camera.

The Canon EOS RP mirrorless camera is the lightest and most compact full-frame EOS camera to date and it is the cheapest 4K camera from Canon.

Canon EOS RP Body w/EG-E1 Extension Grip & Canon Mount Adapter: $1299 at (B&HAdoramaAmazon).

From Northlight:

Canon’s EOS RP is an interesting mix of the advanced and the simple, with a definite nod to making it easy to use for people looking to move to a full frame camera.

It’s light and compact, weighing less than many entry-level DSLRs. It handles well with adapted Canon EF and other lenses, although at the time of writing, the selection of native RF lenses are mostly at the higher end, and definitely not at what most would call ‘consumer level’.

As a long time Canon DSLR user, I found the camera really easy to get the hang of. There are more than enough controls and buttons for any use of the camera I’d likely make, and the range of customisation options are useful. Read the full review

Dpreview also published their complete review for the Canon EOS RP.

The Canon EOS RP’s specifications aren’t exactly exciting, but don’t let that fool you – it’s a likable little camera with engaging controls, good build quality and it produces excellent JPEGs. Of course, the Raw files are noisier and aren’t as malleable as some more contemporary full-frame cameras, but for the target audience, that won’t likely be a deal breaker. For those users looking for a friendly way to get into full-frame imaging, the EOS RP is an excellent option.

What we like What we don’t
  • Pleasing JPEG image quality
  • Strong autofocus performance
  • Impressively compact
  • Comfortable grip, good controls
  • Solid-feeling build
  • Pupil Detection now works in Servo AF
  • Built-in mic and headphone jacks
  • Good color and contrast from the electronic viewfinder
  • Great buffer
  • USB-C port supports charging
  • Good wireless connectivity
  • Relatively affordable
  • Images in Raw are noisier than many other contemporary options
  • Poor battery life
  • Unimpressive video quality
  • Small size is offset by size of (current) RF lenses or adapter for EF lenses
  • Limited exposure tools in video
  • Relatively slow burst shooting speed
  • Lots of rolling shutter
  • USB-C port only offers USB 2.0 transfer speeds

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