First Tests of Sigma 35mm and 65mm f/2.0 FE Lenses

Here are the first tests of the Sigma 35mm and 65mm f/2.0 FE lenses. Marc Alhadeff from SonyAlpha.Blog tested both Sigma lenses. You can find the highlights to those tests below.

These Sigma 35mm and 62mm lenses are from the latest Sigma announcement. As you might remember three new full-frame mirrorless L-series premium compact prime lenses for Sony E-mount and L-mount bodies have been introduced. These Sigma lenses are 24mm f/3.535mm f/265mm f/2 DG DN Contemporary and will be available for sale through authorized US retailers in mid-January, 2021.

Check out the first tests of the Sigma 35mm and 65mm f/2.0 FE lenses.

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Sigma 24mm f/3.5 at B&H PhotoAdorama
Sigma 35mm f/2.0 at B&H PhotoAdorama
Sigma 65mm f/2.0 at B&H PhotoAdorama

About the Sigma 35mm f/2.0 FE he writes:

The Sigma 35mm F2 DG DN Contemporary (616 euros) is an excellent lens that is very well balanced : among the 35mm F1.8/F2 it is one of the sharpest, it has the softest background blur, best bokeh balls , best natural color rendition , best build quality. It has excellent AF and stays compact. So we will forgive its vignetting wide-open and its distorsion that can be easily be corrected if need be.

About the Sigma 65mm f/2.0 FE he writes:

The Sigma 65mm F2 DG DN (700 euros) is an excellent lens and the best of the 4 of the new I series from Sigma for me
Its unusual focal length between 50 and 85mm is very convenient to use for portrait photography.

It delivers outstanding sharpness (part of the top 10 sharpest lens for Sony E mount) , super smooth background blur, good bokeh balls, very good skin rendering and color rendition, all that at a reasonable price
The AF is silent, quick, and efficient in photography (a little bit less efficient in video).

Performances are quite similar to the excellent Voigtländer 65mm F2 Macro Apo Lanthar (900 euros), this one is however a manual focus lens but it has some macro capabilities (31cm i.o 55cm min focusing distance) and a bit better color rendering/contrast . So the choice is more dictated by the type of photos you will take
Highly recommended

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