Fujifilm Introduces New FUJIFILM EF-60 Shoe Flash and FUJIFILM EF-W1 Wireless Commander

FUJIFILM North America Corporation is pleased to announce the launch of the EF-60 Shoe Mount Flash (“EF-60”) and the EF-W1 Wireless Commander (“EF-W1”), expanding the lineup of accessories for the X Series and GFX System of digital cameras.

About the FUJIFILM EF-60 Shoe Mount Flash:

Powerful multiple functions packed in a compact body
EF-60 is Fujifilm’s first wireless shoe mount flash that is radio-controlled.  It provides X Series and GFX System users with impressively powerful output and professional features in a compact and portable design. With a zoom range of 24mm-200mm and a maximum guide number of 60 at 200mm, this flash is perfect for either TTL or manual applications , and when combined with the optional, FUJIFILM EF-W1 Wireless Commander (sold separately), can be used both on or off camera.

Wirelessly control your creativity
While the EF-60 can be optically triggered by the FUJIFILM EF-X500 Shoe Mount Flash (sold separately), when used in combination with the EF-W1 Wireless Commander (also sold separately), users can control EF-60’s power output in ⅓ increments, and group it into 1 of 3 groups, assign it 1 of 8 different channels, and trigger it wirelessly. This 2.4 GHz remote functionality provides photographers with complete creative control over the lighting being used to create their images, while minimizing the amount of time needed to adjust settings for individual units overall.

Added versatility for challenging situations
The EF-60 uses a Xenon flash tube as well as a high-luminance, white LED modeling light to achieve focus in dimly lit areas and help with aiming and positioning the light overall. For hybrid image makers creating both stills and video, the EF-60’s modeling light can also be used as a continuous light source to create a catch light in a subject’s eyes while recording video.

Extended compatibility with Nissin Air System* compatible units
Wireless remote functionality has also been extended to the Nissin Air10s Remote product*, which allows for integration of the EF-60 Shoe Mount Flash with other NAS compatible flashes (i60A, Di700A, MG Series). This added compatibility allows users to use a variety of NAS products with the FUJIFILM EF-60 Flash, providing photographers with broad access to tools to help them make more creative lighting decisions.


The EF-60 uses four AA batteries and comes with a dedicated diffuser, a mini-stand and a special carry pouch.

About the FUJIFILM EF-W1 Wireless Commander:

Supports the NAS radio-controlled wireless communications system
Use remote functionality of the FUJIFILM EF-W1 with the FUJIFILM EF-60 Shoe Mount Flash to have complete creative control in creating images, while minimizing the amount of time needed to adjust settings for individual units overall. With additional compatibility with Nissin Air System flashes (i60A, Di700A, MG Series), X Series and GFX System users now also have access to additional tools to enhance their options for expression when lighting the scene.

Reliable and consistent
The EF-W1 Wireless Commander uses radio-controlled 2.4 GHz wireless communications to remotely trigger EF-60 in TTL mode, Manual mode or FP High-Speed Sync mode. It can also be used to adjust the EF-60’s power output in ⅓ increments, group it into 1 of 3 groups, and assign it 1 of 8 different channels.

The EF-60 and EF-W1 are compatible with the following models of X Series and GFX System digital camera products:
GFX100, GFX 50S, GFX 50R, X-H1, X-Pro2, X-Pro3, X-T1, X-T2, X-T3, X-T4, X-T20, X-T30, X-E3, X100F, X100V

There is limited compatibility with some X Series and FinePix cameras equipped with a shoe. Please visit https://fujifilm-x.com/support/compatibility/accessories/ for latest compatibility information.

Pricing and Availability
The EF-60 and EF-W1 will be available in late August 2020 at manufacturer’s suggested retail prices of $399.95 USD/$540.00 CDN for the EF-60 and $199.95 USD/$270.00 CDN for the EF-W1, respectively.

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