Laowa 4mm f/2.8 Circular Fisheye Specs, Price and Availability

Venus Optics unveil the pricing and availability of the Laowa 4mm f/2.8 Circular Fisheye Lens for Micro Four Thirds (M43) cameras.

Laowa 4mm f/2.8 Fisheye lens is an 8mm equivalent fisheye prime specially designed for Micro Four Thirds cameras. On the contrary to the Laowa ‘Zero-D’ wide angle lenses, the new 4mm fisheye lens is designed to create an extremely distorted fisheye perspective.

The lens is currently available to pre-order for $199, with first shipment expected to start in mid Aug 2019.

210° angle of view

The lens features an ultra-wide 210° angle of view. Photographers can take advantage of the dramatic field of view to capture. A full 360º panorama can also be done using a few as 2 images as opposed to shooting 6 or more images with conventional fisheye lenses. This lens is also particularly good for VR photography, shooting virtual tour and spherical panorama.

Fast f/2.8 aperture

The ultra-fast f/2.8 aperture makes it an ideal option for astro-photography and shooting in lowlight condition.

Focus as close as 3.14” (8cm) from sensor

Photographers can take advantage of the super close focusing distance to capture some heavily distorted & impactful shots.

Drones friendly

The lens can be mounted on DJI Inspire X5 drones to create some epic ‘God’s vision’ shots.

Outstanding sharpness

Houses with 7 elements in 6 groups, the new 4mm has an outstanding sharpness throughout the frame. Along with the 210º ultra-wide angle, photographers can either ‘de-fish’ the image in post-processing or crop to transform the image into a rectilinear image.

Super Tiny & Lightweight

The lens is extremely tiny and lightweight. Measuring only 1.77” (45mm) long and weighing

4.7 oz (135g), the lens is so small that can be put into pocket for shooting anywhere, anytime.

Huge Depth of Field

The depth of field of this lens is so deep that no focusing operation is required. Simply park the focus ring at infinity focus and stop down the lens to around f/5.6, everything will be in focus.

Pricing & Availability

The lens is currently available to pre-order in authorized resellers and in Venus Optics official website (

The ex-VAT retail price in US is USD 199/pc. Pricing may vary in different countries. First shipment is expected to start in mid Aug 2019.


  • Focal Length 4mm
  • Max. Aperture f/2.8
  • Min. Aperture f/16
  • Angle of View 210
  • Format Compatibility Micro Four Thirds
  • Lens Structure 7 elements in 6 groups
  • Aperture Blades 7
  • Min. Focusing Distance 8cm (3.15”)
  • Max. Magnification  1:9
  • Dimensions Φ 25.5 x 45.2mm
  • Weight 135 g (4.76 oz)
  • Mounts Micro Four Thirds

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