Manfrotto Unveils Pro Rugged Memory Cards

Manfrotto Unveils Pro Rugged Memory Cards Manfrotto has launched a range of memory cards that it claims is the strongest on the market. Comprising of SD, MicroSD and CompactFlash models, the Pro Rugged series is claimed to combine high-speed performance with waterproof, crush-proof and temperature-proof build quality that can withstand extremes of use and conditions.

The Pro Rugged line features SD, microSD, and CF cards that are reportedly three times stronger than regular SD cards. They feature a solid molded plastic design that allows them to withstand over 44 lbs. of impact, -25°C to 85°C temperatures, and water submersion for up to 72 hours (at least for the SD and microSD cards).

The Pro Rugged MicroSD cards are V30 rated, offer 90MB/s read/write speeds and come in 64 and 128GB capacities, while the CompactFlash cards are UDMA 7 rated, offer 160MB/s and 130MB/s read/write speeds and also come in 64/128GB varieties. The CF cards aren’t waterproof but Manfrotto claims they are made from tougher materials than most cards, that they will last longer and that they can withstand a 35kg impact. They are suited to use in temperatures of between freezing and 70 degrees C.

Manfrotto Pro Rugged memory cards are now available through the brand’s website. They have retail prices of $115 for a 64GB SD, $225 for a 128GB SD, $32 for a 64GB microSD, $42 for a 128GB microSD, $80 for a 64GB CF, and $150 for a 128GB CF. The SD cards are currently being offered at 50% off.

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