Nikon D6 to Start Shipping From Early May 2020

Nikon D6 flagship full frame DSLR camera will start shipping in early May, 2020, according to Nikon Canada photographer Brad Hill.

However no mention about the US release date of the Nikon D6 yet. You can pre-order Nikon D6 (Amazon | Adorama | B&HPhoto).

The professional DSLR designed for sports and action photography. More details can be found: Best Lenses for Nikon D6 | Canon EOS-1D X Mark III vs Nikon D6 | Nikon D6 vs Nikon D5 – Comparison.

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From Brad Hill:

Earlier today I received “the call” – that is, the phone call informing me that the Nikon D6 (including mine) will be shipping out in Canada in the first week of May. And that’s May 2020, not 2021!

As previously reported on this blog, the D6 will be one of the four Nikon products that I will be doing a detailed field test and review of in 2020. I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on a D6 – in some ways we know very little about the actual implementation of some of the new features (e.g., compared to the D5 just how much better is the autofocus system…and how much better IS the ISO performance…and…how well are the “advanced customization” features executed and how much will they help me in the field?), but I do think – and hope – some of the many “tweaks” to the camera work well for me…

Nikon D6 was officially announced in February 2020.  Due to the   COVID-2019, the shipment of Nikon D6 is delayed twice.

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