Nikon Z8 to be Announced Soon

Here are the latest updates about the upcoming Nikon Z8 high-megapixel full frame mirrorless camera. According to recent Nikon rumors, the Nikon Z8 will be officially announced or released during February 2023 to April 2023 timeframe. Nikon Z8 is coming very soon.  It will compete head-to-head with the newly released Sony a7R V(B&HAmazonAdorama),which costs $3,899.

The specs of Nikon Z8 is still unconfirmed, it could be a baby Nikon Z9 without the built-in grip, and it also could be a mirrorless version of Nikon D850 with 60+MP full frame sensor.

Nikon Z8 Rumored Features

  • Nikon Z8 official announcement at CP+ , most likely in late spring and  will ship around May 2023.
  •  Same body shape as Nikon Z6 / Z7
  •  Improved EVF
  • Improved AF
  •  Same sensor as Nikon Z9

Nikon may be planning to announce a new product in the near future. The tweet states that Nikon Z6 III and  Nikon Z8 will be announced, but what will happen?

There is also a rumored camera roadmap on the web, just take with a grain of salt.

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