Panasonic LUMIX GH6 Firmware v2.2 Announced, Support Direct SSD Recording over USB

Panasonic has just announced its latest software update for the LUMIX GH6. The GH6 firmware v2.2 adds an exciting feature. You can now record directly to a connected SSD via the camera’s USB interface. Firmware v2.2 will be available for download on September 27.

With the new GH6 firmware v2.2 it becomes possible to record high-quality, low-compression Apple ProRes 422 HQ (Maximum 1.9Gbps) or high-bitrate, large-volume 4:2:2 10-bit All-Intra directly onto a SSD (2 TB max).

Support for direct recording to SSD over USB

Firmware update program Ver.2.2 supports direct recording and playback of video/photo using an external SSD connected via USB. The update enables recording directly on a 2TB capacity USB drive (SSD) high-quality, low-compression Apple ProRes 422 HQ (Maximum 1.9Gbps) or high-bitrate, large-volume 4:2:2 10-bit All-Intra. Data files recorded on the SSD can be easily transferred to PC via USB, which makes the post-production process more efficient by minimizing backup work.

* High frame rate video exceeding 60.00p cannot be recorded to an external SSD.
* It is not possible to record video and photo on the SD card or CFexpress card simultaneously while recording it on the external SSD.
* Use an external SSD no more than 2 TB in size that is compatible with USB Type-C. We recommend using an external SSD whose operation has been confirmed by Panasonic. Note beforehand that this is not a guarantee of operation on all devices.
* Latest information on the external SSDs will be available at the following support site at the same time as firmware release:

First introduced in February 2022, the highly-regarded LUMIX GH6 has been recognized for its exceptional video performance and handling among existing and new GH users worldwide. It will continue to evolve with firmware updates to further enhance its performance and usability to meet the changing needs of creators. Firmware updates are a key value-added service to provide future-ready solutions for more flexible filmmaking workflow using mirrorless cameras.

The Panasonic Lumix DC-GH6 is the latest in a line of high-end Micro Four Thirds video cameras and this is the first firmware of this camera. This update simply fixes two issues which you can see the details below.

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