Phase One XT Announced : Price, Specs, Release Date

Phase One XT medum format camera system incorporates the company’s IQ4 series of digital backs with up to 151MP of resolution and marries them to a line of Rodenstock lenses using the new XT camera body. The US price for XT IQ4 150MP Camera System, including a lens of your choice, is $56,990.

The lenses were developed with its partner, Rodenstock, and include:

  • The XT – Rodenstock HR Digaron-S 23mm f/5.6
  • The XT – Rodenstock HR Digaron-W 32mm f/4
  • The XT – Rodenstock HR Digaron-W 70mm f/5.6

Each XT lens uses Phase One’s new digital, electromagnet X-Shutter. The XT Camera System also takes full advantage of Rodenstock lenses with 24mm of shift on both the X and Y axis. See press text.

Phase One XT FAQs

Phase One has published a short list of FAQs about the new XT camera system, explaining its price, competitors and more.

What distinguishes the Phase One XT Camera System?

• Unmatched quality
• Best of everything — Combines the best sensor, with the best processing
platform, with best optics to make a simpler, dedicated, portable and
uncompromising camera
• Longevity – a serious, intelligent system, built to last a decade, during which free upgrades will provide continually better, more powerful performance.
• Back to Basics photography – designed to deliver the highest quality prints
• Customizable
• The X-Shutter – is exlusive to Phase One and no equal is available in the

Who is this camera built for?

• For those that demand the best image quality above all else.
• Built for professional landscape photographers, but designed for
enthusiasts. For those less interested in technology and focused on the
experience of capturing a moment and a place in time and making prints
• For those who wish to capture travel images in exotic locales, this is the
most portable solution that offers both high-end imaging and complete system integration.

How much training is required to operate?

• None

What’s it like to use?

• The XT Camera System is built in objection to the steep learning curve of a
technical camera. The emphasis is on the craft of being creative and not on
being a camera technician.
• Manual focus gives greatest control and precision — yet its operation is
• During composition, the camera movements are simple to use; dials are
prominent and straight forward, the image in Live View (visible on the IQ4
screen) will show the results of a composition and focus in real-time.
• This camera allows one to take time to compose. This is a intuative camera
that allows the photographer to focus on capturing the right light and
perfect image.
• As you adjust the position of the IQ4 via the X & Y shift dials, the IQ4
screen will communicate show that position and encode that data into the
image file.
• If necessary, you can sync a flash to the IQ4’s PC port.
• You can capture tethered to any computer via USB, Ethernet, or WiFi
• No proprietary battery – batteries are easy to find.
• No filters are needed

What/who is this camera competing with?

• There is no comparable competitive product on the market.
• Systems that offer the same optics as the XT lack any integration and
control; they also require significant education and experience to use.
• There may be systems called “technical cameras” which are smaller than the
XT. However they offer neither the advantages of movements nor integration of components, and most importantly they are not available with the X-Shutter.

How much does it cost?

• System cost: $56,990
• Lenses: $8,990 – $11,990

What’s included?

Warranty, etc.: 5 Year Warranty on all components (including unlimited shutter actuations during this period)

Why is it so expensive?

• Built to a standard, not a price point – there is no better image quality
available today.
• It’s an investment – built to last

Where can I buy the camera?

Phase One Partners

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