Ricoh GR III Firmware Update Version 1.20 Released

Ricoh GR III firmware update version 1.20 released. This is the thirds update after the fixed-lens premium model has been out. Here is the list of changes:

  • [Grain Effect]
    [Grain Effect] has been added to [Monotone], [Soft Monotone], [Hard Monotone] and [Hi-Contrast B&W] mode as adjustment items under [Image control] of the  6 [Image Process Setting] menu in the [Still Image Setting].
  • [Horizon Correction]
    [Horizon Correction] has been added to the  7 [Shooting Assist] menu in the [Still Image Setting].

Improved Contents:

  • From the power off state, the start-up time when starting by pressing and holding the Playback button has been shortened.
  • Improved the response of the release when shooting subjects with different brightness continuously.
  • In [Auto-area AF], improved the phenomenon that the focus on behind in rare cases.
  • Improved stability for general performance.

Download the new Ricoh GR III Firmware Update Version 1.11 from here.

The Ricoh GR III currently selling for $899.  Check availability at (Amazon / B&H Photo Video / Adorama) . Also check out the comparison between the Ricoh GR III vs Ricoh GR II cameras.

How to update Ricoh GR II firmware:

[1] Provide a formatted SD memory card for the update software.
The download file is self-extracting. The following file is extracted.
fwdc239b.bin: This is the updated firmware
Copy the above Firmware file [fwdc239b.bin] to the root directory in the SD card.
[2] Insert the battery into the camera and confirm the battery is full by battery level indicator then turn the camera off.
[3] Insert the update SD card (prepared in step 1) into the camera and close card cover.
[4] Turn the camera power on while pressing [Menu] button.
[5] [Update the camera firmware] is displayed
Select [Execute] by 4-way button and press [OK] button.
[6] The firmware update will start and [Updating] is displayed.
*Do not turn OFF the camera while updating.
[7] When update is completed, “Update completed” will be displayed
[8] Turn OFF the camera and remove the SD card from camera.
*Confirm the version of firmware with above [How to check version].
When updating is finished, the update SD card still contains the Firmware file.
If you want to use this card to take pictures, format the card by the camera to delete firmware file first.

One thought on “Ricoh GR III Firmware Update Version 1.20 Released”

  1. “Copy the above Firmware file [fwdc239b.bin] to the root directory in the SD card.”

    I’m not sure where that is. Should be “outside” the folders? Could anyone help?

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