Sigma fp firmware update v3.00 adds EVF-11 compatibility

Sigma has released the new firmware update version 3.00 for Sigma fp  mirrorless camera. The latest firmware v3.00 update for the Sigma fp camera adds compatibility with the EVF-11 from the fp L and other new features.

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You can download the Sigma fp firmware update v3.00 below.

Sigma Firmware Update v3.00 Details and New Features

  • New Color Modes – “Powder Blue” and “Duotone
  • “Save/Load Settings” function added – allows users are able to save and load the camera settings using a QR code.
  • Compatibility with the Sigma EVF-11 electronic viewfinder *pictured below
  • “Automatic switch to the LCD monitor display” function
    • allows users are able to preview images and operate the menu on the camera’s LCD monitor while using the View button, MENU button and QS button etc., even when using the EVF-11 with the monitor selector set to [EVF]
  • “Quick Focus Frame Shift” function whereby users are able to use the Rear Dial’s direction buttons to directly move the focus frame
  • Adds “Custom Buttons” functions
    • assign various functions such as “Exposure Compensation” and “Depth of Field Preview” to the AEL button, Rear Dial (direction button), Tone Control button, Color Mode button and MODE (Shooting Mode) button
  • “LCD Off Mode” to the Display Mode settings whereby the LCD monitor turns off during shooting or when the camera is not in operation
  • “Screenshot” feature whereby users are able to save any screen displayed on the LCD monitor as a still-image file
  • Allows users to to move the focus frame even when the image is enlarged during shooting in AF or MF
  • NEW 24fps and 48fps frame rates (only in 1080p Full HD resolution) in the Movie Record Setting
  • RED KOMODO 6K added in the Director’s Viewfinder mode
  • “Custom Frame” option to the Frame Guide function, enabling users to enter any desired aspect ratio or absolute size value on the image sensor
  • Changes the specification to enable users to adjust the “Color Temperature” setting in “White balance” in custom 50K increments
  • Improved AF operation to achieve better accuracy, stability and followability
  • Enhanced “Flicker Control” function
  • Improved the image quality of JPEG files
  • Other various improvements

Download Firmware v3.00 for Sigma fp

You can download firmware v3.00 for Sigma fp from the company’s support page here.

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