The Canon EOS R5 C is now Netflix approved

Canon has announced its EOS R5 C mirrorless camera is now approved for Netflix productions, joining a long list of other Canon EOS cameras approved by the popular streaming service.

The Canon EOS R5 C joins the EOS C500 Mark II, EOS C300 Mark III, EOS C70, EOS C300 Mark II, EOS C700 FF, EOS C700, and EOS C500 cameras on Netflix’s approved camera list. Since Netflix is one of the largest providers of original video content, the ability to submit your project for the company’s consideration is key.

With the EOS R5 C Firmware Version update, the full-frame, mirrorless R5 C gains improved Canon Log 3 image quality when shooting in XF-AVC or MP4 formats. This latest update also improves the overall image quality and camera operability.

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