Canon EOS R PRO camera coming in March 2020 ?

Canon is rumored to announce a new Canon EOS R Pro camera in March 2020. As previously mentioned it will be equivalent to the upcoming EOS-1D X Mark III. This is expected to be the new high-resolution model in company’s full frame mirrorless system.

This rumor suggests that a 60mp EOS R Pro camera with a similar feature set and an EOS-1 level camera will be announced ahead of the Photography Show 2020 in March of 2020.

There are a couple of issues and confusion about this report.

  1. No EOS-1D X level EOS R camera is going to get a 60mp sensor. It’ll be much lower resolution, likely in the 24-28mp range.
  2. Announcing after CP+ in February doesn’t make a lot of sense, the Photography Show isn’t a major event for Canon. Now it could be announced ahead of CP+ and obviously showcased in the UK the following month.
  3. We’ve been told that the high megapixel EOS R camera is what is coming next (other than the EOS Ra astrophotography camera). Such a camera could definitely be considered “pro”, but it won’t be an EOS-1D X level professional camera.

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