Firmware Update Version 3.0 for Sony a7R III and a7 III Cameras Released

Sony released major firmware update V3.0 for the A7 III and a7R III full frame mirrorless cameras, bringing enhanced real-time Eye AF functionality as well as an Eye AF mode designed specifically for animals.

As for the a9, Sony anticipated firmware version 6.0 will be released Summer 2019 and will include Animal Eye AF and the interval shooting modes now available for the a7R III and a7 III.

Firmware downloads links:

You can download the firmware updates directly at the following locations:
Sony a7R III
Sony a7 III
Additional information:

New Firmware Update for Sony a7 III and Sony a7R III Boosts Eye AF Capabilities and Adds Interval Shooting for Time Lapse

Sony’s acclaimed a7 III and a7R III mirrorless cameras have received an exciting firmware update—Software Version 3.0— that enhances Real-time Eye AF performance and adds Real-time Animal Eye AF and interval shooting for time lapse.

Real-time Eye AF

Software Version 3.0 brings Real-time Eye-AF to the a7R III and a7 III, an AI-driven, enhanced eye detection system that’s based on the results of machine learning. Through machine learning, Sony has created a system that can detect—and focus on—the human eye even if the subject is looking down, partially blocked in the frame, turning or backlit. This feature is available in AF-C mode with a simple half-press of the shutter button.

Real-time Animal Eye AF

As with human eye recognition, Software Version 3.0 brings AI-driven animal eye detection to Sony cameras for the first time. Advanced subject recognition allows the a7 III and a7R III to detect and track animal eyes, and is the first step in a robust animal-tracking AF system.

The development of Animal Eye AF performance will continue, increasing the range of animals recognized by the system as well the system’s ability to track their movement.

Interval Shooting

This new software adds a built-in interval timer that can be set for anywhere between 1 and 60 seconds, with a total number of shots from 1 to 9999.  AE tracking sensitivity is available to be adjusted to “High”, “Mid” or “Low” in order to reduce changes in exposure

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