Latest Nikon Z8 Camera Rumors

Here are the latest rumors for the Nikon Z8 camera. It will compete head-to-head with the newly released Sony a7R V(B&HAmazonAdorama),which costs $3,899.

Nikon Z8 was expected to be announced in March and now accroding to recent reports from the rumor mill the Nikon Z8 announcement is scheduled for April. Here are the other details so far;

Nikon Z8 Camera Rumors

  • The Z8 was described to me as a hybrid camera between the Z7 and the Z9
  • Similar form factor to the Nikon Z6/Z7
  • Improved EVF
  • Improved autofocus
  • Same sensor as the Z9
  • Will not have all of the Z9 features (obviously)
  • Announcement expected before the summer (the latest time frame I heard is April and shipping in May, development announcement could come earlier)
  • Price in Europe: around €4,500 (US prices are usually lower)
  • Will use the same battery as the Nikon Z7 (Nikon EN-EL15c)
  • External battery grip will be available
  • 8K 60 video
  • Dedicated USB-C Power Delivery port for charging/continuous use
  • 9MP EVF

Nikon Z8’s EVF is 9 million dots among the new specifications, it will be comparable to the current Sony A1′s 9.44 million dot EVF. The Canon EOS R3 already has 5.8MP EVF.

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  1. I think you’re reporting “mega-dot” viewfinders a “megapixel”. Those are not the same thing.

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