Patent: Canon RF 50-80mm f/1.1 Lens

Canon has filed a new patent of a very fast constant aperture with 50-80mm focal range. The patent application is for Canon RF 50-80mm f/1.1 Lens that is designed for company’s full frame mirrorless cameras.

There were rumors floating around that Canon is working on some crazy RF lenses that could be announced in the near future. This patent from USPTO almost confirms that Canon may announce a new RF lens called RF 50-80mm f/1.1 lens. 

Canon RF 50-80mm f/1.1:

  • Focal length: 51.50mm 64.17mm 82.52mm
  • F-number: 1.13 1.13 1.13
  • Half angle of view: 22.79° – 18.63° – 14.69°
  • Total lens length 220.20mm 225.05mm 224.20mm
  • BF 6.51mm 6.53mm 8.64mm

Also included in this patent are optical formulas for a RF 50-80mm f/1.2, RF 50-80mm f/1.4, RF 50-80mm f/1.6 and a  RF 50-80mm f/1.8.

via: USPTO

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