Sony adds Real-Time Animal Eye AF to RX10 IV

Sony has released a new firmware update for the RX10 IV, which adds the company’s Real-Time Animal Eye AF functionality, as well as other performance enhancements.

Sony RX10 IV firmware version 2.0 adds the AI-driven Real-Time Eye AF technology for detecting both animals and humans within the frame.

Sony RX10 IV costs around $1,699

Real Time Tracking and Animal Eye AF have been rolling out to Sony cameras since it has  arrived in the Alpha a6400 in January 2019. The a7 III and a7R III got animal eye eye AF in April. Later on Sony a9 recieved this feature with firmware 5.0 and 6.0.


  • Adds real-time Eye AF for animals
  • Enables the possibility to operate the real-time EYE AF by half-pressing the shutter button
  • Improves the overall stability of the camera

    • It is not possible to detect simultaneously human and animal eyes.
    • Eye detection may not be possible depending on the environment, animal type or the movement of the animal.
    • Refer to the Support site for additional details.

You can download this firmware at Sony USA.

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