Video Review : BEST Olympus cameras ever made

Yes, this is a relative and variable question for everyone. Which are the best Olympus cameras ever made? Peter Forsgård published a video review and made a list of the best Olympus cameras ever made.

By the way BCN+R has published sales numbers of interchangeable lens mirrorless cameras sold in Japan in 2020. OIympus E-M10 Mark III beat out the rivals and win the no #1 of mirrorless cameras.

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3 thoughts on “Video Review : BEST Olympus cameras ever made”

  1. I had and used every one of the 35 series but my favourite is the 35RD as it was smaller than the SP and had a GN lens to couple the aperture with focus distance for flash.

    I still have film in my OM4Ti and XA

    The E500 had a great sensor. My favourite PEN is the EP5

    I still keep the EM1 mk1 for studio work.

    I have had use of all the brands of cameras over the years and while they are all “mostly” good, the Olympus are excellent cameras that meet all my requirements

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