Updated Nikon Z-mount Lens Roadmap 2019 – 2021

Nikon has updated the lens roadmap for Nikon Z-mount full frame mirrorless cameras at the CES 2019 event. There will be a total of 23 Z-mount mirrorless lenses by 2021.

Nikon is now planning to release 7 new Z Series lenses in 2020 (up from 6), with 4 of them still not yet announced. This seems to mean that one of the lenses planned for 2021 has been bumped up a year, as now there are 7 to-be-announced lenses planned for 2021 instead of the 8 that were on the original roadmap.

Below is the list of upcoming Nikon Z-mount lenses by year:




Seven new Nikon Z-mount Lenses

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