Canon RF 100mm f/2L IS USM Macro Lens to be Announced in Late 2020

According to the latest rumors, Canon RF 100mm f/2L IS USM Macro lens is in  hands of some selected photographers and will be announced later 2020.

Canon RF Lens Roadmap already includes the  but this will be better for its aperture and focal length.

The telephoto prime macro lens is expected to arrive in late 2020 and not much information more about it yet. About the price tag we can clearly say that RF 100mm f/2L IS USM Macro Lens will cost $2,000 at the least. 

If it has the aperture of F2, it will be useful in close-up photography as well as portrait photography. However, when it comes to F2 macro, it will be a little heavier but would be great for portrait and macro photography.

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